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Shoe Size 5.5
Height 5' 1"
Mexican, German

Maybe the most physically perfect
person from head to toes you'll
ever see. 

April is tiny but has almost
impossible curves like Huge
D-cup boobs, a round booty
and long legs.  Two things she
really loves are other girls'
feet and Star Wars.

April has one of the nicest
pairs of feet ever on FWS.  They
are comparable to Cassandra's
in beauty, but April's are petite. 
They look bigger in photos due
to long toes and slender soles,
but they match her tininess.
She usually sports a red polish.



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Lana Violet worships April O'Neil and Lux Kassidy

Cutie Lana Violet can have the toes of any woman she wants
      & sucks April's & Lux's 20 toes and then licks their long, slnder soles.

April O'Neil worships Tasha Lynn

April O'Neil loves Filipina toes the most and she sucks all of Tasha Lynn's
toes and gets under her chair and kisses and licks Tasha's big, wide soles.

April O'Neil and Brynn Tyler worship Asa Akira

Asa Akira is wearing her big, stinky boots and two girlies
known for their ravenous foot fetishes are about to enjoy some of
the most perfect spreadable Size 5 toes ever.  April & Brynn pull
off the boots & plop em on the floor.  Asa's hot little toes twiddle
before their mouths & then they go for it, sucking each toe & sliding
their long pink tongues between every toe, enjoying the flavor
of Asa's Japanese toes.  Then Asa lies on her tummy & her girls
lick & suck her curvy arches & smooth sole centers.

April O'Neil worships Lana Violet

April REALLY loves girl's toes. 
No one can resist
Lana Violet's adorable Size 6's with red-painted
toe nails.  So April was in heaven as she got to suck
each of Lana's 10 toes and slide her tongue between
them, enjoying the flavor of her feet.  Then Lana stretched
out & April made it her solemn duty to lick and kiss Lana's
smooth little soles.

Asa Akira worships April O'Neil and Brynn Tyler

Asa comes across two sexy girls with black socks on,
so you know she is going to pull them off & suck those toes.  She finds 2 of
the best pairs of feet ever long toes perfect for sucking & long slender soles
for licking with her fantastic tongue.  Brynn & April cannot believe what
is happening to their feet when Asa's tongue slides between all 20 toes.
Then it really feels weird & wonderful when Asa's full-out tongue laps
at the bottoms of their feet.

April O'Neil worships Brynn Tyler

Brynny was taking a nap with her long toes just
sticking out ready to be sucked.  And if you think those
toes aren't gonna get sucked when April O'Neil is about,
you'd be wrong.  April starts indulging her desire for those
long blond toes until Brynn wakes up.  No protest from her,
matter of fact, she puts her big feet in April's face to suck some
more & then lies on her tummy so April can lavish licks on
her long slender soles.

April O'Neil worships Asa Akira

Asa is a master toe-sucker, but after a work out her
feet are tired and hot.  Good thing is foot luver April happens to be
there.  She slips off Asa's shoes & socks so she can enjoy Asa's
bare feet.  She sucks every toe, esp. her favorite ones- Asa's
famous spreadable pinky toes!  April slides her long tongue
between all 10 toesies.  Then Asa reclines & displays her
perfect arches, which April licks with love.

Lana Violet and April O'Neil worship Lux Kassidy
Lana Violet is the world's expert when
it comes to sucking on the long toes of big blond feet.
So she imparts her knowledge to new FWS girls like
April. She shows her how to spread the toes with
her fingers & lick between each one or going down
deep on the big ones.  The lesson continues as
Lux lies down & puts her huge soles in the air.
Lana makes sure April licks from heels to
balls of feet.


Brynn Tyler worships April O'Neil

Brynn welcomes fellow 21 year old April to FWS.
April is of Mexican-German background & has some of the
most perfect feet you will ever see.  She is so sexy & tiny that
Brynn puts her on the comfy  red chair & kneels before her feet. 
April gets all the toes on her Size 5.5's sucked & Brynn is esp.
good at sliding her tongue between toes.  She also puts her
soles up & Brynn licks every inch of the smoothness.

Zoe Britton worships April O'Neil

Zoe Britton may be the boss but she gets
under April O'Neil's chair & sucks her toes.

April O'Neil worships Lux Kassidy

Dominant blond boss Lux Kassidy makes her lil
secretary April O'Neil worship her big Size 10 feet

Tasha Lynn worships April O'Neil


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