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Size 5.5 feet
height 5'2"

Asa has
the sexiest spreadable pinkie toes ever. 
They stick way out and beckon girls to suck on them.
 She loves to deep suck a woman's big toe to the point
of taking the paint off the toe nail. 

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Ami Emerson worships Asa Akira

Asa has the world's most famous pinky toes, that point
out & make the perfect suck thing for girls like Ami.  Ami
wants to please Asa & swirls her tongue around & between
every spread-out toe.  When Asa self sucks Ami gets in too
& Asa sucks Ami's tongue that was just between her toes.
Then Asa goes on her tummy & puts her great soles in
Ami's face & she sucks the heels & licks the wrinkled soles.

April O'Neil & Brynn Tyler worship Asa Akira

Asa Akira is wearing her big, stinky boots and two girlies
known for their ravenous foot fetishes are about to enjoy some of
the most perfect spreadable Size 5 toes ever.  April & Brynn pull
off the boots & plop em on the floor.  Asa's hot little toes twiddle
before their mouths & then they go for it, sucking each toe & sliding
their long pink tongues between every toe, enjoying the flavor
of Asa's Japanese toes.  Then Asa lies on her tummy & her girls
lick & suck her curvy arches & smooth sole centers.


April O'Neil worships Asa Akira

Asa is amaster toe-sucker, but after a work out her
feet are tired and hot.  Good thing is foot luver April happens to be
there.  She slips off Asa's shoes & socks so she can enjoy Asa's
bare feet.  She sucks every toe, esp. her favorite ones- Asa's
famous spreadable pinky toes!  April slides her long tongue
between all 10 toesies.  Then Asa reclines & displays her
perfect arches, which April licks with love.


Asa Akira worships Brynn Tyler & April O'Neil

Asa comes across two sexy girls with black socks on,
so you know she is going to pull them off & suck those toes.  She finds 2 of
the best pairs of feet ever long toes perfect for sucking & long slender soles
for licking with her fantastic tongue.  Brynn & April cannot believe what
is happening to their feet when Asa's tongue slides between all 20 toes.
Then it really feels weird & wonderful when Asa's full-out tongue laps
at the bottoms of their feet.


Asa Akira & Nataly Rosa worship Kiara Diane

Kiara Diane has never ever had a woman suck her
toes before, so imagine the feeling of having 2 beautiful girls
go down on both  her big toes at the same time.  Kiara proudly
spreads her great pair of legs with Size 8's that beckon
any woman or man to grovel before her.  Asa & Nataly also
spend time at the bottoms of her feet, licking up her long,
slender soles.


Asa Akira & Ruby Rayes worship Tanya James

Six Foot tall Tanya is hanging out on a chair
in her Size 11 bare feet.  Along comes Asa & Ruby who
know huge, perfect feet when they see em & get below Tanya
to suck her long toes.  Tanya is ticklish & loves the feeling of
2 girls worshipping her feet at the same time.  Then she jumps
over to the couch & Asa & Ruby lick up & down her huge soles.


Asa Akira worships Cassandra Cruz & Ami Emerson

Our masterful Japanese foot worshipper Asa
loves to suck the toes & receive the flavor of  the best
feet FWS can find her. While Cassandra & Ami are self-sucking
Asa jumps between em & begins to suck & lick.  Then she makes
them make her a all of feet to kiss & lick 4 smooth soles
from heel to toe. 


Asa Akira worships Cassandra Cruz

Our beautiful master foot worshipper Asa Akira
gets up close with the famous, sexy Latina feet of
Cassandra Cruz.  Catching her taking a nap, Asa
starts sucking the flavor of Cassandra's big toe & when
she wakes up begins to deep suck all 10 of those perfectly
pedicured toes.  Asa also grabs her heels & licks &
kisses size 8 wrinkled soles.


Asa Akira worships Kelly Skyline

Our master foot worshipper Asa today
takes the big Size 9 feet of 19 year old Kelly Skyline &
sucks every one of her horny toes.  She also tries sucking
her own whilst Asa sucks her other foot & licks her soles.
Finally she lies on her tummy while Asa licks the flavor
of her soles.


Asa Akira worships Kiara Diane

The super sexy Asa Akira takes off the black socks off the
Size 8's of Kiara Diane & starts to suck down her very long
toes.  She also kisses & even bites the arches & heels
to Kiara's delight.  Finally Asa gets on her back to lick with
long tongue those big smooth soles.


Asa Akira worships Tanya James

Our favorite Six Foot Tall blond Tanya likes
to stick her Giant Size 11 feet in the face of other
girls & see if they know how to suck her toes.  Asa
is a master of toe suck & quickly gains Tanya's approval
as she slides her tongue between big toes & pops them
in her mouth.  She tells Tanya to get comfy & Asa has a lot
of fun with those Massive Smooth Soles, whith her big tongue
full-on licking every square inch.


Brynn Tyler worships Asa Akira

Brynn loves to suck the toes of pretty girls &
today she gets to suck Asa's very spreadble toesies.
She sucks each on on each foot, her tongue sliding
between every one & licking the flavor of her soles.


Evie Delatosso worships Asa Akira & Kelly Skyline

Asa & Kelly were hanging out, playing with their feet,
waiting for Evie.  Evie arrived, pulled down her skirt, kicked off
her dirty flops (see them in the corner) & was sucking toes within
60 seconds of getting to the set!!!!  Then she displayed why she
is one of the greatest foot worshippers in the history of foot fetish.
She inhales 20 toes one by one, really sucking the flavors & dancing
her long fingernails over the soles.  When the girls put their
wrinkled soles out, Evie obeys with flat-tongue licks from
heel to balls.


Evie Delatosso worships Asa Akira

Our little nymph Evie loves girl's toes, esp. Japanese ones.
Asa sticks out her bare feet and spreads her toes widely
for Evie to wrap her mouth around the big toes & slide her
tongue between all 10 of them.  Gets really sexy when Evie
sits right under Asa & licks the bottoms of her feet while
also sucking on her round heels. 


Kelly Skyline worships Asa Akira

Asa & her famous pinkie toe has an admirer in 20 y.o.
foot fetish model Kelly Skyline.  Kelly pops each perfect toe
on Asa's Size 5's in her mouth & then slides her tongue between
each one.  Then Asa lets Kelly lick her soles  & bite on her heels.


Kiara Diana worships Asa Akira

This is the very first time Kiara has ever sucked
on another girls toes & sexy Japanese babe Asa spreads
her toes so Kiara can suck each one & slide her tongue in
them to lick their flavor.  And Kiara sits under Asa & Asa
makes sure she licks up & down her Size 5.5 high arches.

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