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                           Shoe Size 6
               Height 5' 1"
             Irish, Scottish,
         German, Norwegien


Adorable lil Redhead who loves women's feet & is one of the most playful & dynamic foot worshipers ever on Foot Worship Studios.

Dani is the ticklishest model ever and her lil tiny feet go crazy & she laughs like a maniac when a tongue licks her soles or her toes are sucked all the way down.

Her toes and feet always immaculate and Dani likes to wear a red or pink polish that make her toes so cute that you must see them to believe.



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Dani Jensen worships Ruby Rayes

FWS's 2 ticklishest & silliest girls Dani Jensen and Ruby Rayes
and Dani sucks Ruby's long toes & slides her tongue between each one.
Then she runs her sharp fingernails on Ruby's long, slender soles and
then cools them with licks and soft kisses.

Tasha Lynn worships Dani Jensen (bed)

Tasha Lynn ties Dani Jensen down on their bed and enjoys
sucking on her little toes, but Dani goes wild because she is extremely
ticklish which Tasha loves too and tickles her even more.

Dani Jensen worships Kina Kai and Audrianna Angel

Kina Kai invites her Mexican friend Audrianna over so they
can watch Kina's personal toe sucker Dani get on the floor and suck
their 20 toes.  Dani is so good they put their sexy soles up so Dani
can lick the bottoms of their feet. Kina has Size 5's and Audrianna Size 9.

Dani Jensen worships Lana Violet (Office)

Hard working businesswoman Lana Violet keeps her
redheaded secretary Dani in line by making her suck her red tipped toes
everyday.  Dani is very obedient and says "Yes Ma'am" to everything because
she actually loves to submit to Ms. Violet's perfect feet everyday.


Ruby Rayes worships Dani Jensen

Ruby Rayes is always up for toe sucking fun and no matter
which girl she is with you know she will have them bursting with
laughter when she goes down on their big toes.  Dani goes insane
from Ruby's warm mouth on her feet & tickles from her fingers on
soft soles.  In retaliation Dani even starts biting Ruby's cute butt.
But they make up w/ some deep kissing.

Dani Jensen worships Tasha Lynn (chair)

Dani was working in the office with Tasha who was wearing high heeled
sandals and Dani being the charming lass that she is convinces Tasha & soon
has those big Size 8 toes in her mouth.  She also gets way under Tasha's
chair and looks up at her with her blue eyes as she kisses her soles.

Dani Jensen worships Audrianna Angel

Little Dani really shows how she loves feet
in this scene as she takes new girl Audrianna's big
feet for a whirlwind of sucking & licking.  Audrianna
got really horny from Dani's tongue sliding between
every toe.  Then Dani rides on Audrianna's back and
licks up her soles & nibbles on her perfect heels.

Dani Jensen worships Max Mikita and Ruby Rayes

Dani Jensen loves feet!  She loves to kiss,
lick, tickle them & suck lots of toes, that's why
she keeps wanting to come to FW Studios so she
can show off her toe-sucking skills.  She is one of the
most fun foot worshippers ever, so enjoy her kissing
& licking Maxi and Ruby's great feet.

Dani Jensen worships Ms. Tasha Lynn

Little Redhead Dani Jensen is the best student in
Ms. Tasha Lynn's class.  But she is never satisfied with an "A"
because she wants an A+ and that will take extra credit.  So
while Ms. Lynn reads her textbook she lets Dani suck her
tired toes that have been in those high-heeled sandals all
day.  Dani proves she is great at sucking toes while looking
up at her teacher with sexy blue eyes.  But when Ms. Lynn
lies on her desk & puts her wide, wrinkled soles in Dani's
face, the over-achiever in Dani really becomes evident
as she expertly licks & kisses them.  All the while FWS's
dear members get to see Ms. Lynn's fabulous legs & booty.

Max Mikita worships Dani Jensen

Maxi loves to bring new girls into the foot worship
fold.  Redhead Dani has never had a girl or woman suck her toes
& her feet are trapped in heavy, stinky boots.  Plus this set was about 100 degrees
(see the sweat on Maxi's beautiful throat/neck) Max pulls off the boots
& spreads the toes on the Size 7's with her fingers & sucks each one deep
& slithers her long tongue between each one.  Then she puts Dani way
back in the chair & takes long, flat-tongue licks up the sweaty centers
of Dani's first-ever-licked wrinkled soles.

Dani Jensen worships Tasha Lynn (pantyhose)

Dani gives a foot rub and toe sucking in pantyhose to her girlfriend Tasha
who just came home from work.  She then pulls off the hose to masterfully suck
each toe close up before Tasha relaxes on the sofa so Dani can lick her
wide Size 8's.

Dani Jensen and Ruby Rayes worship Max Mikita

When a goddess like Maxi walks about with her
powerful legs & big Size 9 feet w/ looooong toes, she inspires
throngs of girls to want to kneel at her feet & suck their first
woman's toes.  Ruby did it before, but this is Dani's first time ever
& the 2 little ones go deeply on all 10 widely-spread out toes,
enjoying the flavor & aroma of perfect feet.  Max also makes
them sit under her chair & look up at her as they stick out
their tiny pink tongues as they lick the surface of Maxi's
wide, wrinkled soles. 


Lana Violet worships Dani Jensen (bed)

Lana Violet has Dani right where she wants her, tied on the
bed with her cute toes sticking up to suck.  But Dani is like a wild animal
when a girl merely sucks her toe or licks her soles, as you shall see.

Kina Kai worships Dani Jensen

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